Life's Footnote:
'Stay Afloat'
IRIE! dance theatre presents...
NEW works for touring.
Originally commissioned for performance at the Re:Generations International conference in November 2014, RED is the first of a quartet of dances to be created. This piece examines the African Caribbean experience through the colours RED, GOLD, GREEN & BLACK. The piece explores the vibrancy, passion, and power associated with the colour red.

Working in IRIE!’s inimitable style of fusing the essence of African, Caribbean and Western Contemporary dance the choreography brings to the fore the versatility, energy and grounding of the movement form as it highlights the sensuality of style stimulated through undulation and pulsation off the spine, hips & torso.

Life's Footnote:
'Stay Afloat'
A new work created by Denzil Barnes, Beverley Glean & Rosie Lehan. This piece ask the question: “How do other people view us and what impact does that have on our lives?”

Life’s Footnote: Stay Afloat tackles issues of peer pressure, fitting-in, misunderstandings…

This piece examines way in which some incidents are viewed with regards to ethnicity, traditions and identity, drawing on influences from how language both verbal and non-verbal can be perceived from different cultural perspectives.
The duration of the show is 55 minutes with a short interval of not more than 15 minutes. However, this can be adjusted to suite requirements.

Both pieces are suitable for all ages.
Workshops can be designed in consultation with the school or group.  General workshops are based on the movement language of African & Caribbean dance fusion. We will also deliver workshops based on the touring programmes developing ideas to engage, create and share.

General workshop content includes:
  • Warm-up;

  • Learning movement language or selected piece of repertoire;

  • Creative exploration of ideas;

  • Practice and sharing of work.
More detailed information about our education programme, i.e. length of workshops, numbers of participants, cost etc., is available.

Simply contact us for further information.

Tel: 020 8691 6099

Email: info@iriedancetheatre.org
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