Beverley Glean - Artistic Director - IRIE! dance theatre

Beverley Glean – Artistic Director


Star Sign: Libra.
Fave Colours: Yellow for happiness, upliftment,clear thinking and self-confidence. Purple for peace, calmness, inspiration and spirituality.
Fave Sound: Laughter and rain falling on a galvanised roof in the Caribbean Island of Grenada.
Fave Place: Anywhere I feel comfortable and contented.
Fave Food: Steam Fish & Bammie from Morgan Harbour, Port Royal, Jamaica.

Judith Palmer - Development Manager - IRIE! dance theatre

Judith Palmer – Development Manager


Star Sign: Pisces.
Fave Colours: All the colours of the rainbow; each one for its vibrancy and how I am feeling at the time.
Fave Sound: I love to hear my children laugh.
Fave Place: Bathfountain, St. Thomas, Jamaica.
Fave food: Steamed Fish, Okra & Bammie, only when eaten at Little Ochie Restaurant in Alligator Pond on the border between Manchester and St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Bob Lanewala - Finance Officer - IRIE! dance theatre

Bob Lanewala – Finance Officer


Star Sign: Aquarius.
Fave Colour: Green.
Fave Sound: Cricket commentary on the radio.
Fave Place: London.
Fave Food: Chocolate.

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