Dance Yourself Fit

Dance Yourself Fit with IRIE! dance theatre

Dance Yourself Fit with IRIE! dance theatre is a program of activities designed to help you improve your health and fitness through dance and dance-related movement.  The classes are designed to be challenging yet fun and are an ideal way to improve cardiovascular fitness, encourage weight loss and relax. You do not need prior experience to attend these classes. For more details about the background of the Dance Yourself Fit program click/tap the button below:

Dance Yourself Fit Background

African Dance & Drumming

African Dance & Drumming is a weekly program where participants have the opportunity to learn an assortment of African dances taught by Judith Palmer and Nii Boye. Drumming is also open as an option for individuals who wish to improve their technique. Class times are 07:30-08:30pm.

Judith Palmer Dancing with Adzido

Judith Palmer

Judith Palmer is a former Principal Dancer of Adzido Pan-African Dance Ensemble, Judith currently lecturES on Foundation Degree Program which IRIE! runs in partnership with City & Islington College and the Metropolitan University.

Nii Boye Owoo

Nii Boye Owoo

Nii Boye is a professional singer, dancer, flutist, percussionist and teacher hailing from Ghana, West Africa. He is a member of Kakatsitsi drumming group. 

Caribbean Dance

Learn Caribbean dances and sequences to live drumming, Calypso, Soca and Reggae music. Caribbean Dance Fusion will be taught by Sheba Monsterrat who as well as being a dance tutor and choreographer is a performance poet.

Sheba Monsterrat

Sheba Monsterrat

Open Access

Both African Dance and Caribbean Dance Fusion are open to families with children aged 8 years or older.

Class Fees

All our dance classes are currently just £5 per session.

If you’d like further details please give us a call 020 8691 6099. Alternatively, please use the contact form below to send us an email.








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