IRIE! dance theatre has a very comprehensive education program. The company provides African and Caribbean dance and drumming workshops and classes for children as young as 5 years old through to adults.

The company works in schools, colleges and in community settings such as community centres and outdoors events. For example, IRIE! dance theatre has facilitated African and Caribbean dance and drumming workshops at The Albany in Deptford (where IRIE! was originally based), The Blackie in Liverpool and the New Cross Festival. In addition, the company runs several in-house programs at the community centre where it is currently based – Moonshot Centre.

IRIE! also offers African and Caribbean dance and drumming workshops and classes to other organizations, e.g. The British Museum.

As well as working with a wide range of age groups in a variety of settings, IRIE! dance theatre’s education program can be viewed as both informal and formal.

Commencing in 2018 IRIE! dance theatre will be offering a BA (Hons) Degree in Diverse Dance Styles (subject to validation by Roehampton University).

The company is currently completing a partnership programme with City & Islington College and London Metrolpolitan University where it is delivering a Foundation Degree programme where African and Caribbean dance have equal standing alongside Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

And prior to this program, IRIE! dance theatre pioneered the UK’s first Diploma in African and Caribbean Dance. This program was accredited by the University of Birbeck and was also delivered in partnership with City & Islington College.

The company is also committed to providing on-going professional training to undergraduates, mid-career and professional dancers. One of the main vehicles for providing this professional training is the company’s Making Tracks program. Featured artists for Making Tracks include Jackie Guy, Thomas “Talawa” Prestø and Dr L’Antoinette Stines.

Another way in which IRIE! delivers on its commitment to provide professional development training is through partnering with other arts organisation such as ADAD, State of Emergency Productions and the London Metropolitan University to produce the 2010 international dance conference which examined perspectives on dance of the African Diaspora - Re:Generations.  This conference was compared to the dance festival that IRIE! dance theatre hosted in collaboration with The Albany back in 1996 called Ancient Futures which, in addition to IRIE! dance theatre, featured the L’Acadco (Jamaica) and Force of Nature (USA). Ancient Futures comprised of performances, workshops, master classes and a conference.

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