Drum Rhythms of the Caribbean

Drum Rhythms of the Caribbean is a special music CD produced by percussionist Anthony Reid of Living Rhythms who was deeply influenced by his studies at the Jamaica School of Music.

Drum Rhythms of the Caribbean CD Cover

“In 1990 I went to the Caribbean to study at the renowned Jamaica School of Music…Four years later, I returned to undertake research in traditional Caribbean rhythms.  The experience included listening, learning and performing in traditional settings.  The people that I met, the rhythms that I learnt and the history behind those rhythms, have had a profound impact on my life as a percussionist and educationalist. One of the many outcomes of my studies/research in Jamaica was the creation of this CD.”
Anthony Reid

Drum Rhythms of the Caribbean is ideal for individuals teach traditional Caribbean dance but who are not always accompanied by a drummer to provide live music.  It’s also ideal for someone who’s studying Caribbean music and who wants to learn some of the traditional Caribbean rhythms. Even if you don’t have a formal context in which to use this CD you’ll enjoy listening to and or dancing to the Caribbean music.

The Caribbean Drum Rhythms that are included on this CD are:

  • Binghi
  • Mento
  • Burru
  • Revival Kumina
  • Dinki Mini
  • Quadrille
  • Jonkunnu
  • Jubba
  • Tambu

And you can listen to samples of the tracks on this CD by clicking the links below:

01 Track – Binghi


02 Track – Mento


03 Track – Burru


04 Track – Slow Binghi


05 Track – Revival


06 Track – Kumina


07 Track – Dinki Mini


08 Track – Quadrille


09 Track – Jonkunnu


10 Track – Freestyle


11 Track – Jubba


12 Track – Tambu


13 Track – Kumina Variation


Drum Rhythms for the Caribbean sells for just £15 (packing and postage included).  Click the PayPal button below to purchase your copy.

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