The Inspiration Network is formed between Artefacts Edutainment; Head for Business, The Midi Music Company, and IRIE! dance theatre.

Our organisations share a lot of common ground, such as our work with young people and our focus on using creativity to empower individuals and communities.

Inspiration is a key driver behind the network; it is underpinned by over twenty five years combined experience in the learning sector; creative and cultural industries.

Our aim is to achieve a number of important objectives, which include to:
  • Ensure that the services we deliver can be accessed by people from all communities, especially BME, disabled and female entrepreneurs;
  • Raise aspirations of customers and increase market penetration, particularly in the hard-to-teach communities and deprived areas in Lewisham and the surrounding boroughs;
  • Support innovation in service delivery and encourage bench-marking, the sharing of best practice, monitoring, continuous evaluation and customer feedback mechanisms to support on-going improvements to service delivery;
  • Influence local, sub-regional, regional and national policies that impact on socially excluded/disadvantaged communities;
  • Encourage continued networking and sharing of the knowledge and experience we have gained in relation to best practice; and
  • Provide expert knowledge and insight into target communities whom we work with.
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