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IRIE! dance theatre (IRIE!) is Britain’s leading dance theatre company working in the field of African and Caribbean dance fusion, based just minutes from Goldsmiths’ campus in the Moonshot Centre.

IRIE! was founded in 1985 by Beverley Glean to raise the profile of Black dance in Britain. It set out to create a repertory of works reflective of the African Caribbean influence on the Black British cultural experience.

Goldsmiths will validate IRIE’s established BA (Hons) Diverse Dance Styles programme from September 2023. It is also working with IRIE! to develop  a new MA in Diasporic Dance Styles to start in September 2024.

"This partnership will provide more opportunities and a solid platform for the practice of African and Caribbean dance and culture, including discourse, engagement and greater understanding". Beverley Glean MBE, Founder and Artistic Director of IRIE! dance theatre

Both organisations share a deep connection to the Lewisham community, and a commitment to using the creative arts to build social and cultural understanding. They have previously collaborated on projects such as In Living Memory: a people’s history project delivered as part of Lewisham’s year as London Borough of Culture (2022).

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Come and join the BA (Hons)Diverse Dance Styles Degree ! 

The 3-year course can also be completed in stages if you are not able to complete the full 3 year programme. You are also able to enter year 2 and 3 if you have gained the experience through another degree.

Year 1 – level 4

Certificate of Higher Education

The first year provides a solid foundation in African, Caribbean, Contemporary and Hip-Hop technique, for you to understand the demands of dance training. Theory will cover the historical and cultural context of each form, through lectures, seminars, and research. Choreographic modules will introduce you to the development of your own movement language supported by the study of recorded and live performance work.


Year 2 level 5

Diploma of Higher Education

Extending technical training in diverse forms you will learn repertory from a range of companies, engage with a group choreographic project and create a Site- Specific Performance Event, selected from an iconic London landmark.


Year 3 Level 6

BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles

Employment Year – students join Connectingvibes Touring Dance Company, engage with teaching projects and complete an Independent Project that is designed to aid career development. Students can audition for the third year independently in order to top up their degree

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-02 at 15.40.08.jpeg

The BA (Hons) Diverse Dance Styles programme is IRIE! dance theatre’s flagship course - the first ever BA course in the UK that places equal emphasis on African, Caribbean, Contemporary and Urban dance techniques.

The course Is specially designed to give students the chance to join a creative community that includes:

A performance company - The industry link with a dance company adds an exciting dimension to the course, through work placements and the development of career pathways.

Independent artists honing their professional practice – You’ll be introduced to a large number of practitioners who will guide you and give you the confidence to network and present yourself to your audience.

A community engagement programme - Based at the Moonshot Centre (the home of IRIE dance theatre), the course brings a unique perspective that’s rooted in the local community.

The course is delivered by IRIE! dance theatre and validated by the University of Roehampton.



The first year provides a solid foundation in African, Caribbean, Contemporary and Urban dance techniques, underpinned by information on health, fitness and injury prevention.


Theory will cover the historical and cultural context of each form, through lectures, seminars and research. Choreographic modules will encourage the development of individual movement language supported by the study of recorded and live performance work. Students will be introduced to a range of career pathways.


The second year builds on the foundation of Year 1 while extending technical training through the introduction of a repertory module, looking at key works in the repertoire of current companies.


Creative and leadership skills are developed through a group choreographic project, encouraging independent and collaborative work in preparation for future employment.  You’ll have the chance to make links with professional practice as working methods and key works are explored.  

During Year 2 a Site-Specific Performance will be created in a London landmark. Former sites have included a museum, church, nightclub, market square and park.


The third year focusses on employment options through the performance company, connectingvibes*. The year will be divided into three pathways: performance, arts management and education.


Guest practitioners including choreographers, marketing and teaching experts will work with Year 3 students to promote professional practice, including an online portfolio and independent project. There will be networking opportunities, including the Re:generations conference with One Dance UK.


The course will ensure that graduates are fit for purpose and able to work professionally in a range of contexts including performance, education and community arts. 


  • Level 3 Qualifications

  • 2 A-levels

  • BTEC or UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma

  • Access to Higher Education Course

If your Level 3 qualifications are not in dance you will be expected to have dance experience through a dance studio, CAT scheme, youth group or related avenue. Alternative qualifications/experience may be considered.


Do feel free to contact us if you'd like to find out more information about the course, including information regarding:

  • The amazing opportunities the course will offer you

  • The timetable, including options and pathways

  • Performance opportunities

  • Visiting artists

  • Industry links

  • Funding

  • Student Services, and

  • Accommodation

Ring us on 020 0691 8691 or email


I had never studied African and Caribbean dance before and, despite finding the forms very challenging, the course taught me how to be more confident and committed ...


Application Guidelines 

Please complete the online application and submit. Once we have received your application we will send you details of an interview/audition. 
Personal Statement 
A personal statement is a chance to get noticed for the unique talents and experiences you have. It’s an important part of the application process as it’s an opportunity to talk about yourself and your passions. Remember to include why you are interested in the BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles and why you think you would be suitable. 

Please provide the contact details of a referee who will be contacted before your audition/interview.

Register your interest for the next audition on by emailing

Photos: Copyright Irven Lewis

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