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Graduate Training Programme

Graduate Diversity in Training Programme suported by Heritage Lottery

The diversity in training programme is designed to show you how to plan and deliver African and Caribbean dance within Schools, FE and Community settings. Using knowledge and experience one of our highly qualified teachers will guide you to develop your teaching skills to deliver a range of creative, educational, and artistic activities based on stimuli derived from African and Caribbean dance fusion.

IRIE! dance theatre is Britain’s leading dance theatre company working in the field of African & Caribbean dance fusion. Founded in 1985 by Beverley Glean with the principal aim of heightening the profile of Black dance in Britain, the company set out to create a repertory of works reflective of the African Caribbean influence on the Black British cultural experience. Our vision is an environment where Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD) is fully integrated into the teaching and practice of the wider dance agenda, making the form important to individuals, communities and society.


The new programme is professional development for early career dance practitioners

Running between September - December 2022

· 3x Intensive days with industry professionals

· 3x Saturdays

· 3x Online support sessions

· Facilitated Support Group

· 5x Teaching placements dates

Professional Development

1. To train and prepare graduates to deliver dance workshops/ sessions with schools and community groups. The work will celebrate and share the heritage of IRIE! Dance theatre from 1985-2022.

2. The programme has been developed to provide knowledge, skills and understanding to teach dance in a diverse range of settings. The structure of the course and mode of delivery is practical and vocationally specific.

3. The opportunity is for continuing professional development. Delivery is through a programme supported by tutors, mentors and musicians.

4. The programme provides learners to develop

· Teaching and learning methods and strategies

· Working with live accompaniment

· Evaluation skills

· Organisational and problem-solving skills

Areas of Study include: Research:

· IRIE! Dance theatre repertoire · Working with live musicians

· Planning Creative workshops



· Engaging with learners

· Developing approaches to teaching

· Assessment for learning

· Managing relationships in the learning environment

· GDPR · Health and Safety policies

· Understanding needs of learners

· Management and organisation of learning

· Planning for learning

· Evaluating teaching and learning

Assessment Criteria:

· Communication Skills

· Learning Environment

· Teaching Methods (lesson planning, teaching strategies)

· Classroom application (knowledge and understanding, teaching skills)

Modes of assessment:

· Observed teaching

· Research and reflection

· Journal

3 Days Intensive

12th/13th/14th September 2022 10-4.00pm

Day 1

Introduction to training programme

Different contexts / client groups GDPR

Authenticity – IRIE! Repertoire

Class Structure

Teaching styles/ Methods / Strategies

Resource based teaching

Building resources

Day 2

Schools- Secondary / Primary

Classroom management

Risk Assessment

Health and safety




· Teaching styles/ Methods / Strategies

· Observation · Feedback

Assessment for learning

Working with live Drummers

Day 3

Community settings

Safe Touch policy

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Use of Language

· Teaching repertoire/ technique

· Task setting · Observation · Feedback

3 X Saturdays

24th September / 8th October / 15th October

Preparation for teaching placements

Teaching repertoire

Creative task setting

Music/ accompaniment

Lesson Plans

Observed Micro teach

Evaluation/ reflections


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