IRIE!'s workshops are delivered in line with the National Curriculum and can also contribute to a broader project.

Participants can experience a taste of African and Caribbean dance fusion or music through an introductory workshop.  For instance, in some cases IRIE! could be based in a school for a day, working with several different classes to help them experience the fusion of African, Caribbean and Contemporary dance styles, as practiced and taught by IRIE! dance theatre.

Schools can also opt to have IRIE! work with one or a few classes on a regular basis over a longer period of time.  


Alternatively, schools can choose to work with us on a more intensive basis as a residency.

Ideally, dance and music residencies are tailored to a specific theme or topic.  Residencies culminate with a 'sharing' of the group work.  It's a format that, over the years, has proven to be highly successful and very popular.  It helps to motivate the participants and improve their focus during the sessions.

Also, the young people experience a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  Often the young people, their teachers and those who come to watch the performance are amazed at what they have accomplished.

What's more, the benefits of the workshops often go beyond the workshop environment.  Following an IRIE! residency, the company regularly receives reports from teachers that their students' concentration and academic performance have improved.

Progressions across the floor and sequences.

Choreography where participants have the chance to express their creative talent.

All of IRIE!'s dance workshops use a wide variety of African and Caribbean music forms including live drumming, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Ragga, Hip Hop and R & B.

The dance workshops explore African, Caribbean and Contemporary dance, showing the strong links between the traditional forms and contemporary dance techniques, as well as unique ways in which these forms can be fused.

The format of a dance workshop will normally include:

IRIE!'s music workshops enable participants to explore African and or Caribbean rhythms, their history and style.  Participants will receive an introduction to some or all of the following:



Through IRIE!'s music workshops, participants will be given the opportunity to:

Learn simple, and according to skill level and ability, more complicated rhythms.

Compose and play music as a group, whenever possible.

Accompany other students in dance classes and or performance when appropriate.

You can book workshops and or residencies with IRIE! dance theatre throughout the year.  So, if you'd like to do so simply call the company on +44 (0)20 8691 6099 or email us at and a member of our team will get back to you.  Please be as specific as possible so that we can tailor your workshop or residency to suit you.

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