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IRIE! dance theatre in partnership with Lewisham Council London Borough of Culture (LBOC)

IRIE! dance theatre has created a signature movement sequence for LBOC 2022. Lewisham’s own signature sequence is designed to be performed as a fun, collective shared experience across all age groups and abilities. The simplicity and flexibility of the movement material will enable local people and their families to celebrate events and achievements throughout the year of culture and beyond.

What is the L BOC Bop

The Bop is a short sequence of movement 6 x 8 counts done in a 4/4-time signature. We are using 8 counts to break down the structure of the music. The sequence is around 30 seconds in length. The sequence ends with a quarter turn of the room (turning to the right) each time, and is continually repeated.

Many of you will have the opportunity of an IRIE! tutor in your school or venue to teach the Bop. Others, will learn from a friend or family member or from links made available on line. The Bop is contributing to the boroughs ‘we will be happy here’ theme.


A soundtrack has been specially created for the Bop, which celebrates our diverse communities. The movement sequence will be learnt and extended in schools to be performed live and/or be filmed to be screened as part of Borough of Culture.

Music: Tope - aka-DemDrums Lyrics: Tamsin Kayembe -aka- Concise One

Our Partners

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