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Audition class with Fubunation - Guest artists with IRIE! dance theatre

Join our Final Audition for Sept Start on May 30th
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Auditions are on going in-person please contact us via for more information.


The 3-year course can also be completed in stages if you are not able to complete the full 3 year programme. You are also able to enter year 2 and 3 if you have gained the experience through another degree.


Year 1 – level 4

Certificate of Higher Education

The first year provides a solid foundation in African, Caribbean, Contemporary and Hip-Hop technique, for you to understand the demands of dance training. Theory will cover the historical and cultural context of each form, through lectures, seminars, and research. Choreographic modules will introduce you to the development of your own movement language supported by the study of recorded and live performance work.


Year 2 level 5

Diploma of Higher Education

Extending technical training in diverse forms you will learn repertory from a range of companies, engage with a group choreographic project and create a Site- Specific Performance Event, selected from an iconic London landmark.


Year 3 Level 6

BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles

Employment Year – students join Connectingvibes Touring Dance Company, engage with teaching projects and complete an Independent Project that is designed to aid career development. Students can audition for the third year independently in order to top up their degree

The BA (Hons) Diverse dance degree audition process is designed to assess your potential as a dance artist and your suitability for our courses.  We welcome all applicants regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion.

Auditions are on going in-person please contact us via for more information.

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