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DYR Movement Intensive
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DYR Movement Intensive – 4 Hours Live Music by Dembis Thioung (
Time: 10-2pm
Saturday 4th June 2022

IRIE! dance theatre
The Moonshot Centre
New Cross/New Cross Gate Stations
Fordham Park, 
Angus St, 
New Cross
SE14 6LU
About DYR Movement Intensive 
The exploration of the four elements: undulation, vibration, grounding and isolation aim to rediscover the body -space, weight and musicality - to navigate between Afri Diasporic Dance of the Caribbean Heritage and contemporary* and dance theatre techniques. 
The deconstruction of its foundation like polymovement, polycentrism, narrative, intention, concept of rituality and ancestralism are at the core of this experimental conversation. 
About Ofelia Omoyele Balogun's Practice 
( | Moremi Path )
It investigates the intersection between vocabulary originated from the African Diaspora in the Caribbean to the world and its connection with dance theatre and contemporary techniques. From History to its consequences in contemporary society, interdisciplinary connections are found exploring diverse concepts that touch topics like intersectional identity, ancestralism and rituality. 
The definition of Contemporary Dance here
If contemporary means considering what is happening now in our life and around us, in our story in connection with history, we can define this workshop contemporary. Contemporary here is meant the recognition of other realities that are happening at the same time and we, only, have the power to decide what to give attention to.


About Dance Your Roots
•    Moving from (Recognizing) What We Are instead of on What We Want to Be 
•    Moving to find connection instead of separation 
•    Moving to deepen our being rooted
•    Moving to connect our stories to History as an act of action to the common Humanity
•    Moving because we have an ability to respond to the Call (Respons-ability)

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