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The building is owned by the London Borough of Lewisham and was formerly known as the Pagnell Street Youth and Community Centre opening in the early 1970’s. Sybil Phoenix was the founder and first director of the club. It was built specifically for the African and Caribbean communities in New Cross from funding made available by an Urban Program of the time.


The Moonshot Centre was redeveloped in 1981 in the wake of the New Cross fire that devastated so many lives in New Cross and beyond. Local people successfully lobbied for a building that would provide a base for the African and Caribbean communities of New Cross. It is for this reason that that Moonshot Centre has special significance. Following its closure in 1999, the building was re-opened in 2007 and became the new home of IRIE! dance theatre. 


In 2016, IRIE! took over the day to day management of the centre in partnership with Lewisham Council. Stepped in an abundance of heritage from our African and Caribbean communities, IRIE! intends to preserve the centres legacy by developing a Heritage Project to honour this history as we develop new and established programmes of activities and resources.

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