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IRIE! dance theatre: Autumn Programme

by Connor Taylor, Education and Community Engagement Coordinator.

IRIE! dance theatre’s exciting autumn programme is delivering a number of new classes asked for by you! members of our local community. Alongside, the usual Women’s online dance class, Tai Chi and African dance, we are introducing Yoga, Salsa, Drumming & Percussion and Art & Craft. Several of the sessions are open to families, providing opportunities for parents/guardians and their children to participate creatively together and have fun. Young people too are catered for through the IRIE! Young Voices event. All this and more can be seen in our brand new, autumn brochure, which can be accessed on IRIE!’s and the Moonshot website, also on social media or feel free to pop-in at our base at the Moonshot Centre for more information, a chat about the activities and collect a hard copy of the brochure.

We hope that the new look brochure will serve two purposes, firstly, it will allow us a broader reach to members of our immediate community, as well as offer the opportunity to show we are able to respond to the community by providing activities requested. IRIE! dance theatre intends to foster deeper connections within the community by consolidating existing partnerships and creating new ones across New Cross, Deptford and the borough as a whole.

We are extremely excited to be able to welcome you back into the Moonshot Centre. The coming months will be a transformative time for all of us. So, as we look to entering this phase we know that connection, creativity, wellbeing and kindness is the way forward.

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