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Connectingvibes*: what is it like to be part of a dance company?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Photo: Beth Maclnnes

Our Year 3 Students have been exploring the idea of being part of a dance company through Connectingvibes* - IRIE!’s touring company that was relaunched this year as part of the BA (Hons) Degree in Diverse Dance Styles. We asked the students about their experiences and how the company is preparing them for their futures after graduating.

Laura Bodner

My 3rd year at IRIE! has been a wonderful experience, where I got the chance to explore the idea of being part of a dance company, not only working on the practical performance but experiencing areas such as website and social media development. I have been able to work creatively on my Independent project, with support from my peers and lecturers.

Adriana Pino

My 3rd year at IRIE! dance theatre has been a magical experience, where I had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast of professionals that guided me through my independent Project and supported the development of my dance training. I felt really supported by my colleagues, working towards our independent projects has been an amazing experience and good preparation for the industry.

Aisha Sanyang Meek

My time at IRIE! has been hugely beneficial to me as an artist. I have been able to develop my knowledge under the guidance of skilled teachers and be supported by talented peers. Every stage of the course has challenged me, empowered me, and made me feel more connected to the purpose of my dance craft. Through the development of my IP I have been able to embed important skills that I will take with me into the industry. The artistic freedom I have had has affirmed my passion to continue nurturing my ideas and imagination and carry on making more and more work.

Tianna Williams Powell

My third year has been both humbling and challenging I've learnt how to control my emotions both through dance and in my everyday life. My Independent project explores different aspects of motherhood and challenges the meaning of what maternal may mean to certain individuals.

Cliodhna Ellin

Studying at IRIE! dance theatre has been a beautiful experience. I've been able to work with a wonderful group of professionals that have taught me many skills in preparation for entering the dance industry and guided me into the next steps of my career. I have felt challenged throughout my training but supported by everyone. Most importantly I have felt appreciated for being myself.

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