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Stay Active at Home - Why dance is important during the lockdown

Staying indoors does not mean that you cannot stay active and get fit. But if you are looking for more than just exercise, dance may be the right choice: there are multiple benefits of dancing, both for adults and children & young people. There is something special about moving our bodies to the sound of the music. And here at IRIE! dance theatre, we know how powerful dance can be – physically and mentally. Are you thinking about starting dancing at home? We have 5 good reasons why you should join our online classes!

1. Dance is a very complete exercise

When you dance, all your body works. Dancing improves the condition of the heart and lungs while it increases muscle tone and strength. At the same time, it increases your flexibility, coordination and agility. Dance is a great cardio activity and you almost forget that you are exercising - instead, you are enjoying the groovy vibes of the class and having fun. Is there any better way to workout?

Our suggestion for exercise at home: If you are looking to develop your aerobic fitness skills and strengthen your bones and muscles, take Sheba’s Dance Fitness Class every Tuesday morning. The classes are free and they are a powerful way to kick off your day.

2. Improves your wellbeing

The lockdown has been challenging for everyone. More than ever, we should focus on our mental health as a priority to go get through these trying times. Sometimes playing your favourite music and shaking your body is a simple solution to restore your wellbeing. Multiple studies are proving that dance is a powerful tool to deal with our emotions and feelings. It helps reducing anxiety and depression, while it recharges our good mood for the day. Dance is the perfect solution to connect your body and align it with your mind.

Our suggestion to keep a positive spirit: Our African Dance classes with Nii Boye on Tuesday are an amazing way to fill your day with positivity, energy and rhythm! It is impossible not to smile while dancing to the sound of the drums. Also, if you have never taken an African Dance class before, it is a great opportunity to discover something new, which provides an extra portion of enthusiasm and motivation.

3. Increases your stamina

Why do we need to keep good levels of Stamina in our bodies? Stamina is the energy that allows our body to keep a strong physical and mental effort for long periods. Without it, we may feel fatigued and exhausted. Having high stamina is key to perform all your daily activities without being tired. Two of the best ways to gain stamina is through exercise and music - that is why dance is the perfect combination to assure better workability, sleep quality and cognitive functioning.

Our suggestion to boost your stamina: Our newest online class, Throw it Back and Dance – High Energy Edition with Alicia is a great way to release stress and exercise. Expect a very dynamic class with music that will make you jump, move and smile! These classes take place every Wednesday.

4. Dance gives you more confidence and self-esteem

Dance can make you feel more confident. It provides a safe space and an opportunity for people from different backgrounds, ages and body types to come together and have a good time. Everyone can dance and should dance. At IRIE! dance theatre, we love dancing with our community and seeing the positive impact on people’s lives. Dance reduces your shyness while enhances your communication and social skills. Even when dancing online, you still feel part of a community where you can express yourself.

Our suggestion to give you confidence: Take part in Ofelia’s class Dance Your Roots – African & Caribbean Dance Fusion. You will find a group of like-minded people filled with positivity. This session happens every Thursday evening.

5. Movement stimulates your memory

If you would like to try another class slightly different from dance, we have an excellent recommendation for you. Tai-Chi is also a good activity for exercise and movement practice. Tai-Chi keeps you focused, but relaxed. It also refines your mental functioning, especially your memory. When you move, your brain retains the movement until you remember all the steps. You will see that movement is a fun and easy way to stimulate your memory.

Our suggestion to work on your memory skills: Try one Tai-Chi class with Andreas on Thursdays and explore a new movement practice.

Move with us: If you would like to make the most out of staying at home, join our weekly online classes taking place on Zoom. You can discover more about the classes and book your tickets here:

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