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Working with Connectingvibes – Year 3 BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

By Rosie Wilson Sidlauskas

Ok let's begin!

Inspired by the music from hip-hop group Jurassic 5 The Lecture was created with IRIE! dance theatre 3rd year students. This dance piece was unfinished, I started my initial ideas with the previous cohort online using Zoom. Working on two groups of people has been interesting, numbers change along with dynamics influencing choreography also, simply how things look on different bodies.

The experience of creating felt playful, especially when characters were forming from using props or drama exercises as warm up tools. Each week a task was given to gain inspiration for connecting to the piece, including: listening to Naturally 7 a vocal group live at Madison Square gardens to see how vocalising sounds can inspire movement, watching drum covers of lesson 5 Jurassic 5 isolated to see which parts of the drum kit were hit. When we got close to the performance we tried to see how improvisation is a masterful skill. If a mistake happens how can we bounce back an example of this was showing a live video of guitarist Buckethead. He accidentally unplugged his electric guitar cable instantly to freestyle robotic dance with the buzz of the live cable to make light of his mistake.

Can you imagine Led Zeppelin and Frank Sinatra together?

Within the song there are many samples (like the Zeppelin song) that have been weaved together with sampled vocal layers added over the top of the music? The dancers highlight the option of pondering through a tap duet - ending the question with a click of the feet in the air... would it go together? The others simply answer with an explosive jump followed by a shrug to suggest maybe not and at once all break out into freestyle traveling into a line formation at the back of the stage. Here they advance forwards. In an apache inspired line heading for the audience. Moving in unison with different rocks and footwork. Let us imagine that the dancers are spinning on a vinyl record. Moving in slow motion as the tempo of the music alters or spinning fast in a circle. The versatile dancers step into the

character role of a teacher showcasing what they know, educating the audience by sharing a glimpse of their journey at IRIE! dance theatre.

Do come and see the touring company of Year 3 Connectingvibes* live at one of the different venues throughout May!

For bookings or more information click on the links below:

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